Reginald Hudlin, CEO Hudlin Entertainment

reginald Hudlin

Reginald Hudlin was born in East Saint Louis, Illinois on December 15, 1961.  Mr. Hudlin is an iconic writer, director, producer, and executive in the entertainment industry.  He is a coproducer for the 2016 88th Academy Award Ceremony. He produced Django Unchained which in 2012 won The American Film Institute Award for Movie of the Year, Two Golden Globe Awards and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the Year.

He is a pioneer of African American films and made his debut by writing and directing the movie House Party which was said to be based off of the house parties that he and his brothers held at home on Virginia Place in East Saint Louis.  The success of House Party lead to his involvement in some of the classic black films of the 90’s.  He wrote and produced BeBe’s Kids.  He directed Boomerang, The Great White Hype, and The Ladies Man.

The Harvard graduate says of East Saint Louis in an interview on, “I loved growing up in East Saint Louis.”  And in a recent interview on KSDK-TV. Hudlin stated, “I always carry the Metro-East with me, whatever I’m doing, wherever I go.”

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2 thoughts on “Reginald Hudlin, CEO Hudlin Entertainment”

  1. Hello,

    I admire my fellow East St. Louisian; I salute you. I once lived there for over 30 years.

    I have an entertainment revolutionary idea that i wish to get out there. I know nothing about the operating entertainment business and Reggie Hudlin is the only one I can say I know.

    Whenever the time is right, I would love to meet with Reggie to share this huge dream of mine and have him to be the first.

    My name is Evon Cherry; email address; and a contact number of 618 223 2968.

    You may want to hear of this! I’m bursting at the seams and I need your help.

    Thank you!

    E. Cherry


    1. I sent you an email to propose a business idea. So I suppose you get lots of emails, but this is my attempt again to you (both being fellow East St. Louisians with bright ideas.

      My number is 618.223.2968 and i am serious and legit.


      Evon Cherry


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