Kindle Unlimited: So Many Choices…So Little Time

Libraries have always been my source for free books. But with the advent of e-readers, people are turning more and more to ebooks, which have the advantage of instant accessibility and are typically priced lower than print books as well. I will always, always love print books but I’ve benefited from the convenience of ebooks […]

via Kindle Unlimited- the Netflix of Books — Morgan Marjek

Published by

TiffanyRose Publishing

The mission of TiffanyRose Publishing is to amplify truly diverse voices. To this effort, we publish works that highlight marginalized voices of different ethnicities, genders, and religious and socioeconomic statuses. Our belief is that we may look different, speak different languages, live in different locations, but our struggles and our accomplishments have been mirrored throughout history. Through telling diverse stories, TiffanyRose Publishing hopes to contribute to broadening the lens through which we view ‘The American Experience.’

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