Legendary East St. Louisans: An African American Series

book picture for websitePublishing this has truly been a labor of love.  In order to publish this book, 100+ resources were compiled. Hundreds of hours were spent writing – highlighting the stories of a group of people who persevered.  Some of these short bios cover people who helped after the 1917 race riots and others were active participants in the civil rights movement.  These bios are of successful people who were nurtured in the city of East St. Louis. In this city that has been written off by many, were nurtured some of the greatest artist, scholars and athletes in history: Miles Davis, Harry Edwards, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Reginald and Warrington Hudlin to name a few.

Their stories need to be told because these people weren’t born exceptional or great. By many perceptions they were born ‘less advantaged.’ Yet, they created their own form of greatness. They figured out what they wanted to do, and they went about doing it. They worked hard, and found some doors closed to them, but they persevered. They excelled in spite of or maybe because of the trials they were faced with; and that’s what makes them and their lives great and their stories inspirational. They inspire us to want to be great. Reading their stories makes the reader feel as if he can reach through an ethereal film and grab hold to the magic that resonates in all of their experiences. Their stories transcend a town, or even a race, and exemplify the greatness that lies dormant in all of us. It speaks to us, “Find your greatness.”

So please get your copy of the first book published under the TiffanyRose Publishing  House – Legendary East St. Louisans: An African American Series. It is available on Amazon.




Published by

TiffanyRose Publishing

The mission of TiffanyRose Publishing is to amplify truly diverse voices. To this effort, we publish works that highlight marginalized voices of different ethnicities, genders, and religious and socioeconomic statuses. Our belief is that we may look different, speak different languages, live in different locations, but our struggles and our accomplishments have been mirrored throughout history. Through telling diverse stories, TiffanyRose Publishing hopes to contribute to broadening the lens through which we view ‘The American Experience.’

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